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So I am hoping that most of you followers in the US have not had the opportunity to view Eclipse on DVD, if not then do not read this there are spoilers.  You've been warned!  So now I've had time to review the Target Collectors Deluxe Version of Eclipse(2 Disc Version).  I have some things that I would like to share. I waited to watch the spoilers and I am so glad that I waited! I got to watch the DVD in my house at night by myself doing my little squee girl happy dance, plus jumping up and down! Please note that I did this by myself while my husband and kids where up stairs otherwise, I would not be on the blog right now. You know how our other halves are, sometimes they get a little weirded out by our fandom.  But I think my husband handles it quite well.  As long as I can contain my teenage squeeness in front of him.  Needless to say he will not be going with me to see Breaking Dawn.  In fact I will probably go by myself.  I want to enjoy the on screen moments in peace and be able to squee when I want! Well you know I am a little selfish when it comes to my fandom for Twilight. I am not afraid to admit it! Either is Kristen Apparently!! Let it Go Girl!!


     So I did not have the Blu Ray version so I can not comment on that but we will be purchasing one this year considering we have 4 laptops in the house but no Blu Ray just seems silly.  At least this is what I told my hubby.  So if there are some of you out there that have the Blu Ray version and want to add comments please do so.  So with that being said, I was not impressed with Taylor Time at all.  I really didn't find him running around catch grapes in his mouth that amusing.  In fact it kind solidified that there is no depth there.  Really I am sorry if it offends people but I am really not all that much of a fan of Taylor Lautner. I wish they would have maybe spread a little more of the love around as doing something for each of the main stars, yes I know that Rob and Kristen did the commentary. I would of liked to have seen more BTS with Rob and Kristen a like.  Not just talking but you know when we saw Rob dancing in the scene before the fight seen.  Kristen being Kristen, by the way to Summit we do love to see Kristen as well.  Epic fail when there was no Bella card in the DVD set. What happened there? So I really did like the documentary on Disc 2.  I thought it was pretty insightful and it kind of explained a little more where David Slade was coming from on the fight scenes.  I was happy with the fight scenes as I know others were not.  I heard there wasn't enough it was too short but the bottom line is the technology involved in creating this was very forward thinking technology and not so easy to achieve.

(We all know that they both have follicle issues in this movie!! LMAO!! But whatever I love Edward's side burns and they BETTER BRING THEM BACK IN BREAKING DAWN!!) 

I thought that Rob and Kristen's commentary was hilarious!! My favorites were when he discussed blueberries, I think that is now my new favorite word "blueberry".  I loved it when Kristen was teasing him about Taylor kissing her on the "fake" mountain.  I really wish now that  I didn't know that mountain was fake.  When I watched Eclipse the last time around I kept looking at the mountain and over analyzing it. I don't know that is probably just me.  I loved it when they talked about Rob drinking his Arnold Palmer and when he said "BOOBS"!! What a man really!?  LMAO!! I think its funny!! I really was laughing very hard and having a little party of my own. Rob is really quite comical and he is very honest which is what makes him so funny and adorable. He talks about Kristen in a bikini, her reaction was hilarious!  By the way I love how she says Summit wouldn't do that, put her Bella in a bikini well Summit might not have but Bill C. did.  Rob doesn't mind at all!  Kristen didn't really like her sunglasses all that much, poor thing she can sometimes start fads and not even approve of them.  

I would love to source this but Tumblr is down as soon as I know who it is I will. :) If you click on the image it will work.

I loved how Rob and Kristen are so protective of their own characters they play.  It is very funny to see how Rob finds Bella's character to be double standard and he teases Kristen about it and she gives this long methodical view of why Bella is they way she is.  That's why I love Kristen she is such a deep thinker!! The commentary is a must see and if you have the time to view it you should it is soo funny.  I was disappointed that scenes where brought up but the viewers never had the opportunity to see them, like Bella playing the Indian woman during the tribal meeting. I mean where is that scene? I would have loved to scene that, because Kristen thought it to be so ridiculous would have made it even more comical to see.  What about when they were filming the mountain top scene and Rob said they were slipping everywhere and they had to change the choreography.  Where is that BTS?I haven't had the chance to listen to Stephenie's & Godfrey's commentary yet and I would much rather watch the movie with out them talking in it. I haven't heard good or bad but if you did however have the time to see that as well I would love to hear some insight.  Well that is all for now folks, I have to get back to work but I am working on something special for you all. Have a great week!!

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