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So lately its been a little slow, yes we gotten a little bit of goodness here and there but really we have had nothing since Rio.  I mean Rio was so epic, I knew it was only good while it lasted.  The few pics that we have seen have really been great but none with Kristen except for the one holiday pic that we saw from last year with the Pattinson parental units.  It was very sweet wasn't it.

I flove how she rubs his shirt like this!! It so boyfriend/girlfriend affection and its with our Robsten!!
Oh Rio We will never forget you!!

  Well the drought is dragging on but one great thing that isn't is we are inching closer to Rob's big night with Water for Elephants.Yay 16 more weeks!!  I am going to be honest, I haven't read this book yet. I kind have had it on my to read list for the last 6 months but I have waited knowing that the drought was coming. I started it last night and I am very excited after seeing the trailer!! Now when I am reading the book I am really picturing Rob as Jacob.  This film I think will define Rob's career.  I mean we do love him in Twilight after all most of us fell in love with him as Edward.  A fictional character that can really never be but we love to think that he does exist on some level in Rob.  Jacob seems like a character that Rob might be able to relate with I am not sure quite yet as I am only getting to Jacob jumping on the train. I will leave it at that. I will definitely be commenting more as the reading progresses. 

(This Gif is just Beautiful!!, Bestow my Heart!! Go Team Jacob!!)

So Bel Ami, now seriously. What a disappointment, no Sundance!! I have read this book and it is fantastic!! It will be so great!! It won't be an epic film but the casting is fabulous!! It is more an adaption of the book, I am guessing since I have not seen the screen play but the screen shots are such a tease I mean really can they release the trailer for that already!! The film is done and now we just need someone to pick up in the US. I am really annoyed by this. Hopefully it will be picked up for Cannes this year!! It would be great but unfortunately my bank funds at this point will not allow me to travel to Cannes for the film festival.  At least with Sundance I might of had a chance. That is one of my dreams one day to visit Sundance. It looks so much fun! So here we are Water for Elephants coming out in April and Bel Ami who really, knows and of course we have Breaking Dawn Part 1 in November and of course followed by Part 2 the next year.  Then what?! I mean what projects are on the horizon for Rob!! I mean we know that Kristen has quite a bit of projects lined up and we know she will busy for a while but who knows what Rob will be doing. I would love to see him do another indie film here in the US though.  No super hero roles.  He should always be known as Edward and no other super natural hero.
OME!! This is my favorite Edward!! Eclipse Edward!! Hair, sideburns and did I mention the sideburns!!
Wow I don't care if he thinks he has follicle issues they are nice!! I will handle the follice issue with my hands!!

 It just wouldn't seem right and I don't think it would be all that great for his career. Us Twihards are too much devoted to Edward to see Rob play any other super natural role.  Rob was listed to play Unbound Captives but as of now I do not know the status of this project. I guess I am curious what is next on Rob's list of projects.  Is he going to take some time off and just travel and hang out with his buds and play music?  I mean this is his first love! I wouldn't mind hearing more of his music turned into an album.  If this keeps him happy and passionate enough to continue acting. I don't know but I sure would love to see him in something besides a love story.  I know that we all love to see him in these roles but we have yet to really see in a role that is besides a love story at the focus. It would really help him expand his viewers beyond us Twihards. In the coming months, I am sure we will know more if Rob has decided to pick up any new projects. In March, he will wrap Breaking Dawn , in April he will be doing promo for Water for Elephants and then who knows after this until Breaking Dawn. 

So Beautiful!!

 If Bel Ami gets premiered at Cannes then that will be May.  That seems like a pretty hectic schedule for the next year.  It looks like his calendar will open up possibly after May and then a few months off until Breaking Dawn. Maybe he will hang with Kristen as she starts her new projects after all we know he loves to make set visits and we love it too!! I guess whatever Rob decides to do I will be very excited to hear about.  I would love to hear you opinions on what you think would be great next role for Rob!! ~Ruby

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