Rumor: Is Kristen heading to London to meet Rob?

From Spunk-Ransom

There were rumors that Kristen Stewart was expected to leave today to head to London to be with Rob and his family. With the incoming blizzard in the New York City area and beyond in the northeast, many have wondered if her flight was delayed. Our good friend @cybermelli reported,
@cruznbabe47 yes, to the best of my knowledge, she is going.
5 hours ago
@isadoranassif i don’t want people bugging her in airports or trying to figure out exact info. so, keeping mum.
57 minutes ago
not sure what ur expecting. there will be a “reunion” soon. v soon. beyond that, not saying anything. that should be info info for us all.
44 minutes ago
perhaps some eagle eyed peeps will tweet things in the next 24 hrs, perhaps not. we shall see. just chill folks.
44 minutes ago

hmmmm very interesing huh? I really hope its true but as always take  it with a major grain of salt:)

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