Robsten Sighting in Isle of Wight???

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no on facebook, i will post a twitpic :)
no, but i will possibly, take a screenshot and put it on tumblr!
i heard it through facebook, more than 3 people have said so :)
 they've been here before :) there was a picture in the newspaper :)
  yeah they are :)
 yes they are deffo here :) and i might get pictures, im getting all this from FB!

apparently they got a chinese from hong kong express together :)
 robert pattinson and kristen stewart are here where i live on the isle of wight :) woooo :)

AN: Okay so apparently this Sara girl lives in Isle of Wight. Shes not really the one who saw them but shes talking about how shes seeing all of this on facebook. Now the screen caps on the top are from the ppl who saw them.  We dont know who they are or how true this is but lets hope they are there to celebrate the New Years. Like last year:) anyways as you can see shes gonna try to get a pic. At this point we just have to wait and see. Im sure there will be some fan pics or something. Theyre usually very nice about taking pics with fans so im so excited. Starting the Year out with seeing Robsten will be the best gift. Now i know i am so late to the party in posting this but i was busy:*( sorry! Anyways well lets just wait for the happy couple to show up!! 
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