Robert and Kristen JUST ONE LOOK

A look can say alot. It can be simple and obvious, or give hint to the depths of our emotion.
Sometimes it says what we can’t. Sometimes it says what we shouldn’t. Sometimes it says
what we don’t know how to express any other way.

Sometimes a look is quite telling... one moment...two completely different expressions. Hers...
something like happy contentment. His...well...HE IS A MAN. His speaks for itself.

I can’t even guess what Kristen is thinking, but...once again...Rob seems to wear his thoughts
quite openly. He’s always getting caught...

Like our Rob, some of us are an open book. Kristen doesn’t hide much, either. We laugh when
we’re happy. We laugh when we think we’re funny. Laughter is good. Laughter keeps you young.
Laughter burns calories. wonder Rob stays so thin, that explains it. Sometimes
laughter gets us into trouble, even if it’s fun trouble. Rob is clearly amused. Kristen ...well...
perhaps she doesn’t always find him funny... I think he’s hilarious. And adorable. I’m guessing
she does too, though she’d probably never admit least not to him. A girl’s got to keep
some things...

What was that about an open book? Why, look positively smitten.

Oops! Perhap it was a secret BACK THEN. It’s

not my fault. I

didn’t tell a soul. HER FACE SAYS IT ALL. It’s

okay. We don’t blame her. She was powerless

against it. Wouldn’t we all be? YES.

Some secrets don’t have to be told,

they tell themselves.

Smitten. YES. Rob may have been bitten by that bug too. Isn’t it adorable how unaware they
both can be? AWWW

Then again, they’re not always unaware. Sometimes just having THAT SOMEONE near... an unspoken understanding...

You can FLIRT with a look. You can KNOW with a look. You can UNDERSTAND. You can
express a lot of things with JUST ONE LOOK. I’m focusing on the light and playful.... we don’t
want any negativity here.
*clears throat*
YES, we mean that. NO. NEGATIVITY. HERE.


What’s the best thing you can say






Thank you again Mel for this wonderful post. Words can't describe how much i love you and how much i appreciate your support:) Love you!! Leave her some love guys wasn't this an amazing post?

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  1. Can't even explain how many times I've read this post.


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