R-Pattz "Has Best Twilight Six-Pack"...

According to co-star Kellan Lutz, Rob's abs are better than his & Taylor's...
Robert Pattinson allegedly has the best Twilight Saga six-pack, according to his co-star, Kellan Lutz.

Speaking to Access Hollywood about who he thinks has the most toned torso out of himself, R-Pattz and Taylor Lautner, Lutz revealed: "I think Rob [Pattinson] does now."

The actor, who plays Emmet Cullen in the vampire flicks, explained: "Rob has been very diligent on his bicycle. He bikes a lot and he's been training. I'm very impressed with him and I'd say that Rob [has the best abs] now."

Meanwhile, Pattinson may be a pro on his bike, but the hunky actor has confessed that he doesn't know how to drive.

The 24-year old admitted to The Sun: "I don't know how to use the little wipey things, so I couldn't see. I don't know how to drive. It's terrifying."

Rob is unsurprisingly still yet to pass his driving test...

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