People's Choice Nominee Robert Pattinson Was Embarassed Auditioning for 'Perfect' Edward

Robert Pattinson picked up three People's Choice Award nominations this year thanks to his breakout role as Edward Cullen. He and Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner all picked up nominations, and we had a chance last summer to talk to him about the role launched his career.

Rob admits he was no Twi-hard when he tried out for the role of Edward. In fact he says when he read the book's description of the characters physical perfection, he didn't think he stood a chance at winning the role.

"I got given the book about five months before the casting and I read the first 50 pages up until he gets introduced and then I was like, 'Oh, no,'" he said. "Because I was really fat last year as well. So I just felt the whole thing was embarrassing, even turning up to the audition.

"I had not read the whole book before the audition but even in the synopsis, the four line synopsis, the first line is like: 'Edward is the perfect being. He is so witty and beautiful and so crazy and funny and will open doors for you and stuff. He will drive you in his Volvo.' I thought just even turning up to it was embarrassing."

Along with Twilight came a level of stardom that's changed Rob's life, and while he appreciates his fans, he says reading about himself on the Internet is usually a terrible idea.

"It literally feeds the worst part of your soul as well," he said. "When you have nothing to do you go on the internet or whatever. Some nights I think, 'I’m too tired to read a book so I know I’ll go on the Internet because it is kind of easy and I’ll read the news.'

"So you go on to the New York Times website and look at it for a few seconds and get bored after about three minutes and go on IMDB instead. Then you realize how pathetic you are. I have to delete my Internet history whenever anyone comes round. It is like reading people’s minds, like when you meet someone and you really want to know what they think of you."

Be sure to tune in to CBS on January 5 (9 PM, 8 Central) to see if Robert wins a People's Choice Award.

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