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U Report on the new DVD saga Twilight , called ‘ Obsession and its players is available in store (in any case, I found it in Mediamarkt). My curiosity got the better of my reason (damn curious!)

The DVD tells a little early in the saga of the film, or rather the beginning of the celebrity players. Finally, when I talk about players, I’m talking about Rob , Kristen and Taylorbecause they alone are mentioned … to believe that others do not exist.
Anyway, after watching this story, I wanted to share with you briefly what I thought.

And short, it will be! Because honestly, there really is not much to say!
The video lasts just 22 minutes and for all where it touches the top line of the career (and still touch is a great word) and tries to explain the reasons for success (as explained is a big word). Roughly 22 minutes where I lost my time …

The narrator got exasperated and I heaved a great sigh of relief when I saw the end credits appear!
Encore DVD entirely for-profit that serves absolutely nothing.

There are additional bonuses but I confess I have not had the courage to move on.Maybe another day … They include stories about vampires vs werewolves, one in the series True Blood , or even Harry Potter (?).

I doubt that many of the supplements back the overall level of the DVD.
So a little advice, do not ask Santa Claus to put you under the tree!

Thank you to Twilight Belgium for sharing!


Seems it's no use buying this one....Thank God for the review *phew*

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