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It's time to put away the werewolves, troublesome love scenarios and blunt-toothed vampirism and get our next taste of Robert Pattinson on the big screen. Instead of chasing girls many decades too young for him, he's joining a second-rate Depression Era circus and finding himself in a messy love triangle with two Academy Award winners -- Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

Between the 'Twilight' ties and acting talent, one would imagine a pretty spectacular trailer sucking in a whole range of potential fans. Instead, the first trailer for 'Water for Elephants' manages to show a bunch of the film without showing very much at all of their three leads. Hit the jump to see for yourself.
It's a bit of a surprising route to take for a new film. It's a full trailer showing more than a teaser ever would, yet the only actor to get much of a chance to shine in the scenes captured is the great Hal Holbrook, who plays the older version of Pattinson's character (though his name isn't cited beyond the quick and tiny credit screen at the end). For the rest, we see Waltz get angry, Witherspoon seem whistful and Pattinson stiff-faced. (Pattinson gets a lot of flack for his lack of facial expressions, something pretty surprising for a bright and upbeat person in real life. Someone give him a comedy, stat!)

'Water for Elephants' shares the life of a man named Jacob (Pattinson, Holbrook), who, when his parents died, dropped out of Cornel veterinary school amidst his final exams and joined a second-rate circus during the Great Depression. The trainer (Waltz) beats the animals and has a fiery temper, which isn't helped by the fact that Jacob falls for his wife (Witherspoon), also in the circus.

Does the trailer whet your appetite for the circus life? 'Water for Elephants' hits theaters on April 15th.


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