Merry Christmas from Ruby! Thanks for all of Your Support!!

 I mean this gives you that warm & fuzzy that you feel every holiday season!
Thanks Bill C. for our Christmas present as Twilight is the gift that keeps on giving!

I hope all you had a wonderful Christmas! I am just now sitting down to write a little something to all of you for all of your wonderful support.  I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful blog and such a wonderful community of fellow Robsten lovers as well.  Christmas is always about the gift of giving to others.  I hope that today that is what you had the chance to experience.  Giving to others and receiving the love from others as well. Nothing is better than spending time with your loved ones and reminiscing about old times.  Anyone can truly appreciated that and embrace it!  I am so happy that Rob and Kristen were able to spend time with their families over the holiday break. It is always fun to talk about old times, fun times and times that bring you together as a family. 

 Family never has expectations! I love this picture! It is real.
I know we took this down but now that everyone has seen it I am not so hesitant about posting it on our site.

Those family memories are  different for everyone but what I do know is that for Rob and Kristen, family is the ties that bind them like many of us. Family is the one thing that you never have to impress.  Your family know matter what that definition may be always will love you no matter what. The expectations to be someone your not is never there.  I am sure Rob is at home with his family today enjoying be at home with his Mum, Dad and Sisters, and even though Kristen is not there it is always very grounding to be with your family. I see him drinking a beer by the fire, playing the guitar and have normal family conversation about what life used to be like before he couldn't go anywhere with out being recognized by the entire world.  Kristen is in LA with her family and enjoying being herself baking hot loquat pies that she loves to make.  She is laughing and hanging with her brothers, enjoying time with her animals and reminiscing about the old days as well.  

This is what every normal couple is.  They are a normal couple that love and cares for each other. I wonder what Rob got Kristen this year for Christmas?

Even though as it seems Rob and Kristen may not have spent this holiday together they are never really all that far from each other as you know next week will be a new year and normal life for Rob and Kristen will resume.  Rob and Kristen will be together like they always are and nothing will have changed. My hope for all of you is that you enjoy the same Christmas time together with your family as I have today with mine.  I am sure that Rob and Kristen would want the same for everyone.  Merry Christmas and thank you so much for giving me the gift by coming to our blog everyday! ~Ruby

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