A Letter to Our Robsten Dreamers

Dear Robsten Dreamers,

I have been really out of the loop the past few days with the holiday season and all.  Being a Mother of two small kids, Christmas tends to be the most popular of the holidays as you with kids all know.  I have been catching up on my reading and well some of the "shit" I have been reading is really just quite disgusting. First off lets just say that we know that Rob and Kristen are together.  I was reading some of the comments left by random people who obviously very oblivious to anything that has to do with Rob and Kristen.  I mean I wouldn't normally entertain even posting this but since we actually had people ask if the tabloid posting was real I felt like I should post a response.   So this is my view, so you are welcome to agree or disagree.  Rob is in London and yes we've seen the photo. 

LMAO!! So hilarious!! Beanie Rob one of my Favs!!

They are pretty funny by the way, those ladies where being serious lurkers and trying to be ninja like fangirls.  I would probably be the same. I don't know the back story on that pic and I really don't care.  As stated before, I think it is great that Rob is in London with his family and friends for the holidays. I mean he does spend a majority of his time in the US with all of his projects.  Home is home and no one can make that feeling happen for you. London is Rob's home and that is where his roots are.  London and his family and friends is what made Rob who he is. So I thank London and his Family for Rob!  You have my deepest gratitude.  Secondly,  Kristen was in LA for the holidays, I mean that is where her family is.  Some of this foaming rumor mill is so ignorant.  It really is not that hard to follow.  Kristen is very close with her family.  It would seem the appropriate thing to do for a young lady to go be with her family.  Rob and Kristen have been spending lots of time together while filming Breaking Dawn and when couples have to decide what to do for the holidays especially actors, I would assume that they make a decision based on their time together and what future projects might arise in the future that could keep them a part.  So my last point to this is Kristen is probably on her to way Rob or vice verse.  We all know that Kristen is a super stealthy ninja especially when traveling alone.  I mean it is probably a lot easier to get through the airport with out Rob.  


So do I think Kristen is going to London? I don't know.  She might be on her way.  She might already be there. She might be at Soho with Garret who is a friend.  I mean really should we dissect so much that we all look like a bunch of fools.  I guess at this point, I don't think it is really that big of a deal for Kristen to hang out with other guys besides Rob.  We are all entitled to have friends and OMG!! they might be of the opposite sex.  She did just make a film with him.  Anyways, I do know one thing for certain Rob and Kristen will end up together some time in the next week.  Probably for New Years because couples typically don't like to spend the New Years by themselves. I mean who likes to bring in the New Year watching others kiss, not me. It sucks!! So please don't be distracted by all of the Bull Shit foaming nonstens that are placing doubt but realize that it is really just a poor sourced tabloid that is just trying to stir the pot and gain some attention.  We know that there has been a bit of a drought but that doesn't mean anything but that Rob and Kristen are enjoying such much needed privacy.  If you are happy when they are happy then be happy because I am sure they are!! Enjoying their holiday break with some much needed time with family and friends!!


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