Kristen Stewart stressed during Twilight Eclipse shoot: 'There were tears'!

When David Slade appeared on the stage of pop culture following its overwhelming success at Sundance, Hard Candy, with a courageous candidate as a victim, Ellen Page, the last thing you expect to learn from this man is his deep belief in the concept of romantic love.

As the story says the threat of a violation involving a minor, Hard Candy is like one of the testimonies of the most basic of human-animal which the director takes the form of new generation as Neil Labute - a operator able to balance the absolute contempt towards the human species with a dry sense of humor.

It is a risky endeavor, but a stylish Slade took it off with a spectacular sleight of hand.

Slade put his hand in the same bag of tricks when he was called for filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on Saturday.

The story of a young woman named Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) who falls madly in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen embedded (Robert Pattinson), stalked by a werewolf lover named Jacob (Taylor Lautner), the whole Twilight Saga is a girl at risk.

In this case, Stewart is at risk of losing your mortal soul. In Hard Candy, Page was in danger of losing a similar piece of herself, and - we suspect - his life.

"Hard Candy it was definitely a different beast in some ways, because the drama was based on two people, with the brilliant performance by Ellen Page
, "says Slade.

"Eclipse was much broader ... But it remains a character-based drama. That's what I really enjoyed it
, "he says. "I think it's also a more adult movie than the previous two, since the characters are becoming more mature. There are a lot of fun to interpret, and because we treat it as a drama, the true transformation of character. "

The foundation was always between flesh and blood, but Slade said that the practice was anything but easy. Feel exhausted just remembering the experience.

"It was a shooting 50 days, 16 hours in many of those day
s, "he says.

To make matters worse, the deal was lost in his own world of Twilight. All the actors had to give up his duties, and inhabit their characters to some extent on the duration of production, so that Slade was pleased that his staff was taking the project seriously and sincerely.

Everyone was committed, he says.

"Kristen In particular, it was very hard for her.

Slade says, not because Stewart pulled his own life and his own person to play Bella Swan, she personally took a lot for finding the truth of Bella.

"She said, 'I do not know which is Bella for me. " Anyway, I think she felt that Bella was the antithesis of it, which presented many challenges to Kristen .... She would give him a beating for this, because she wants to be there. She did not want to leave a scene without
. "

"There were tears
, "says Slade.

"But you move on .... Even in rehearsals with Robert Pattinson, was that similar spiral
. "

Actors are people. They feel insecure, and any human being who was facing the weight of expectation surrounding the Twilight would have to go wrong, if only slightly. To compensate for much of the obsession with the actress, Slade says he has learned the value of preparation.

He says he rehearses with his actors as much as possible, so they feel comfortable with the material and characters, and focuses on the minutiae of interpretation without the intrusive presence of the camera.

"You're always looking to get the emotional truth of the interpretation
, "he says. And Twilight, the emotional truth is nothing less than blood-red heart of romantic love - that happens from the heart of Slade, who, despite having 41, was supposed to be in a more cynical generation.

"I believe in romantic love. Why did not you'll be lucky if you are lucky enough to find it? It sounds as if it were sarcastic ... Culture cynical plan, and I hate to use the letter-c. Perhaps the idea spread that romantic love is not fashionable. But true love is wonderful. "

Slade says that romantic love is the addictive hook in the narrative of Twilight, but after reading Stephenie Meyer's books, he also feels that there are many more issues than just vampires and teen romance

"It's a love story that struggles with the problems of the past century," he says. "And I got the best book. We had the battle epic, action ... everything."

Slade said that leaves a high point in history, and this is one of the great lessons I've learned along the way: The preparation will save your skin, but coordination is what makes it great.

He'd love to share with others what they do now, says Slade, but can not. Finally, we make sure that it will be interesting, be well prepared and approximated with an open heart and carotid test with a vampire.

Eclipse will hit shelves on December 4 on DVD and Blu-ray.

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