Kristen Stewart: Premiere of “On The Road” to coincide with “Breaking Dawn”?

images Kristen Stewart: Premiere of “On The Road” to coincide with “Breaking Dawn”?

While Kristen Stewart with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson just the filming of “Breaking Dawn” have started a film had been completed long ago: “On The Road“.
The summer wrap, but now it may be still too specific in the plans. Supposedly already is established, the Brazilian cinema release!
As the Brazilian side “Cinepop writes, is the film’s release for 25 November 2011 and is likely set to come almost simultaneously with “Breaking Dawn” in the cinemas.
Breaking Dawn celebrates expected on 16 November 2011 made its debut. Crash! Since Kristen Stewart has indeed a true mammoth program because at the end then have two films to be advertised.
Playing at Kristen’s page and Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and bosom friend Tom Sturridge. The plot according to Wikipedia …
The two main characters, Dean Moriarty and the narrator Sal Paradise issued on a journey through the U.S. and Mexico to indulge in the frenzy, the women and the Jazz – with them as Hipster not mainstream jazz, but the new, harder Bebop.
The two hitch-hiking, jump onto freight trains, ride Greyhound buses back on truck platforms or in stolen cars across the North American continent, from New York City, via Chicago, Denver, California to New Orleans and finally to Mexico.
Sounds at first glance very exciting! Whether you think “On The Road” with Kristen Stewart can do what he promises, we will see the end of next year.

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