Interesting Article: The body language of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at the premiere of "Eclipse"

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Here is an interesting article about body language of Robert and Kristen. Premiere is based on Eclipse in LA! Not new ... but it's a novelty! Hope you are interested! Thank you @Neurogerencia

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were together a long time on 25 June at the world premiere of Eclipse at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Twi-fans Photographers and detailed the couple's every move ... But really what your body language says about the truth of their relationship? Will it be a marketing strategy or is real? consulted two experts in body language to ascertain at once the true feelings between R-Patz and K-Stew .

After thoroughly analyzing photos of both the body language expert Lillian Glass thinks that the stars of "Twilight" are "very connected" . Here are some of his findings:
1 .- When Kristen touches the collar of Rob, "It shows that she has control over it. He is in love with her and have it eating out of hand"


2 .- In several pictures, "She is leaning toward him and he does the same in a protective manner, which is very romantic. In addition, he directs his eyes to where she is watching, intrigued to know what draws your attention "
3 .- "He sees a lot of love, squinting with deep worship"
4 .- Kristen looks very relaxed when Rob is near. "His ankle malleoli are directed toward him, and the toes pointing in the same direction."
5 .- Rob has a look of confidence because "She is with him, indicating that they have a good sexual connection."
6 .- "A detail consisting of all the photos of both hips esque touch, which shows that they are intimately connected"


But not all experts agree with this approach. Another body-language expert, Patti Wood , adding that there is enough tension between the two in the photos from the premiere of Eclipse. In any case, he's much more in love with her than she with him . Let's see why this statement :

1 .- The act of taking the collar of Rob by Kristen is rather more oriented to star now. Perhaps he felt a little insecure.
2 .- In one image, both are looking towards the ground at the same time, He is waiting for your step it, protecting it, which is not common by a man.


3 .- In another photo, her hands and arms are fully back when he tries to hug her, just as your pelvis is oriented the other way, consciously, meaning self-control.
4 .- "She wants to be seen as an independent woman, which is reflected in their right shoulders"
Both views are interesting. What do you think?
Original Article HERE

Personally i think its very interesting :))

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