Gossip Cop Clears it Up: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Time Together is Tearing Them Apart?


Gossip Cop debunks yet another Rob and Kristen tabloid false story... This one is almost comical! 

"The more time Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spend on the Breaking Dawn set, the sillier the rumors about them become. 

Now one tabloid claims the movie is threatening to split the couple. Their off-screen romance is “fizzling,” so-called “sources” tell Star magazine, because the shoot “is almost too much for them to handle” and they’re getting “sick of each other.” 

Um… ok. 

“They are in virtually every scene together, and this has to be the most intense shoot yet,” says a Star insider. “Everyone is wondering how they’ll survive.” 

How they’ll survive… doing their jobs? 

Oh, but that’s not all Star has to offer. 

Pattinson and Stewart are renting their own secluded home, the tabloid reminds us, which has turned out to be a “big mistake.” “The early excitement of playing house has fizzled, and they’re now drifting apart,” explains the “insider.” 

Stewart also supposedly “finds it really uncomfortable” to pretend to have Pattinson’s baby. “It’s become really awkward because Bella [Swan] goes through gut-wrenching childbirth and Edward [Cullen] assists. In real life, they aren’t anywhere close to that,” reports another Star “source.” “At the end of the day, it definitely leaves them confused about the state of their own relationship.” 

Our head is starting to hurt. 

Let’s get this straight. 

After filming three previous movies together, traveling the world together to promote them, visiting each other on other movie sets in between shoots, and deciding to live together for Breaking Dawn, suddenly Pattinson and Stewart “have literally grown sick of the sight of each other”? 

And evidence of this abrupt change is the fact that the actors are “confused” about their status because Stewart plays a character who has a difficult labor with her vampire-human hybrid baby? 

First, outlets insist that the intense on-screen relationship was bringing the couple to the brink of a proposal.

Now that very same on-screen romance is supposedly making them “sick.” 

Gossip Cop is feeling nauseous, too… from all the garbage the tabloids want us to swallow."

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