'Welcome to the Rileys' Review & Info on the Premiere in Sweden


I got the chance to attend the press-screening of Welcome To The Rileys earlier this week for RST video (Sweden). 

Here is the movie review in its original specially written for them :) but with english translation for you. 

Please check out RST video site. One of the biggest movie trailer archive can be found there ;) 

Attention! WTTR will be shown during the Stockholm Film Festival THIS weekend. Go see it! 

English: The loss of a daughter has torn apart the Rileys family . The grief depletes Lois & Doug, and both of them are finding their ways to survive one day at a time. 

Doug travels to Louisiana on a conference trip with the job. During his stay, he meets Mallory, a 16-year-old prostitute stripper which reminds him of his daughter. Doug approaches her and decides to help her to get a new and better life.The odd couple are starting to build a relationship with eachother and slowly starts to get the pieces back together in their life. 

Welcome To The Rileys is not like a normal Hollywood movie or something you can take entirely for granted in terms of action. It is an incredibly beautiful (in the sense you could call it that) film with a strong family drama in the ground. We get to follow these three main characters as they try to rebuild their lives again and some of the parts in the movie are fun, and others are very sad but most of all you get affected a lot of the relationship and the drama. 

Both James Gandolfino (Sopranos) and Melissa Leo (Homicide: Life on the Street) plays extremely strong in these roles. It doesn't feel like it's overtaken by some Hollywood-produced movies like it sometimes do. 

Kristen Stewart, mostly know from the Twilight movies surprises us all in Welcome To The Rileys. She has a long history from the indie movies, most recently, The Runaways, which she portrayed Joan Jett. Kristen Stewart has experienced a lot both praise and criticism from fans and the industry for the role as Bella Swan in Twilight, but Mallory is her (Bella's) total opposite. She has fully entered the role and gone is the adorable Bella for the trashy, super swearing, halfnaked and smoking Mallory. A role she really puts credible. She shows that she can act strongly in different types of movies. 

Welcome To The Rileys is a very warm film about lifestories, life and family. 

However, it is a pity that the script was a bit empty. I would have liked to have learned a little more about Mallory, the background to her life choices. You wonder a little bit during the film where it went wrong for her and why, but you never get a direct answer. And I also thought it was annoying that you could hear James Gandolfinis heavy breathing through the whole movie, but it is something you must try to ignore. I can not give any more info on the movie since the movie's plot is very simple and it easily allows me to reveal the whole movie, but I strongly recommend seeing it. ;) 

Director: Jake Scott 


Drama Theatrical release: January 21

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I'm so going to see it. I just got word that it's going to be showing right where I used to live which is literally only an hour away! YEAH! 

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