'Welcome to the Rileys' Review by Telerama France


A pair of ordinary quinquas,emotional lethargy since the death of their daughter,fancing to save a young stripper clueless...Cliches,perchi-percha? If he did not like his father,the taste of the flambouyant historical epics (Robin Hood) the son of Ridley Scott is a fine actors,Director sachant bypass most of the pitfalls of her subject draws-tears.

Well helped by his actors,it is true : it is the imposing James Gandolfini , Soprano, who plays the VPP ex- Tony en vadrouille,falling by chance under the spell of the gogo dancer.This is the great Kristen Stewart revealed by Twilight interprets it.She focuses on her (gorgoeus) face endemic melancholy almost despair of birth w/c enriches all of his characters.These two - there are couple both touching & unlikely (it was mastoc,she is almost stunted) that comes complete,suddenly the wife of Mr...Astucieux scenario aoids the trap of happy end & emotionpoints here & there.

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