'Welcome to the Rileys': Campaign for Oscar Consideration Promoted by Fans

If someone reads and knows me as a promotion flip with such intensity, at times, I have not seen movies. 
And no, I have not seen Welcome to the Rileys, I wish I could see it now, but unfortunately we still have no distributor in our country, it seems, so the producer said that this is something closer. 
What it did was read a draft script, and although the film has changed, what I have said enough, from what I read, and this draft was a good script, very good indeed. 
After its premiere at festivals in different parts of the world, and already in theaters in the U.S. (and France), if something has coincided people who have seen and criticism, is that the three main actors is excellent in this film and is having something called "Oscar buzz" in the scene, that is, for those who do not know, when people talk about the possibilities of a film to get at least nominated for these awards, which are undoubtedly and no denial possible, the most important in the film industry worldwide, like it or not. 
But getting these nominations is not easy, since the films have to meet certain technical requirements, released in a period of time, and in some places for entry in the list of those who might be candidates to be nominated. 
Not only that, do the campaign is quite expensive and Welcome to the Rileys is a modest independent film, and distributors are not going to fight for it in this campaign, because it is expensive and not worth. 
The blog WTTR Saturday, created by fans to support the film, has begun a fund raising initiative to help make this campaign for the Oscars (with extension to the Golden Globes.) 
And I certainly want a part of it, and if anyone wants it here you have all the information:
  WTTR Saturday and all of us in all our hearts we believe that the film and its cast deserves to be considered for the Academy Awards. We know, the critics know that the actions of Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo are incredibly strong. We also know that it is expensive to bring this film into the hands of the voting members of the Academy. 
Therefore, we, the fans have decided on our own to raise money to buy ads in magazines, magazines that are industry experts and voters are, and help with regard to the Oscars. Did I mention that these ads are very expensive?  
We will try to raise $ 50,000 through December 15, 2010. 
We ask everyone to please visit our site at the following Web address and donate what you can. Our goal is $ 50,000, but regardless of what is achieved, either more or less, every penny will go towards the purchase of these ads (the more the better, it just means that we can buy bigger and better and more quantity, and reach more people!)
Think about how amazing it would be to see these three actors walking the red carpet of the Academy Awards, all nominees together for this incredible film, Welcome to the Rileys.
Source: Campaign WTTR Saturday Oscar Consideration 
Poster made by Kol Crosbie. 
To donate visit this website
The text on Web Campaign 
CAMPAIGN FOR Oscar and Golden Globe 
Our history 
Welcome to the Rileys Saturday was created by fans in February 2010 in order to keep fans informed of everything and anything having to do with the incredible movie Welcome to the Rileys. Please visit us at http://www.welcome-to-the-rileys-saturday.blogspot.com/ 
 Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini deserves recognition for her roles in Welcome to the Rileys. Samuel Goldwyn Films Welcome to the Rileys inherited after Apparittion, its original distributor, fell apart. 
The film was giving a lot of talk on the subject of awards after the festivals, but Anne Thompson, a respected expert on Hollywood, made clear that due to lack of resources, distributors, Welcome to the Rileys and had no opportunity the awards it deserved. NO is just that lack of power or funds of the splitters is the reason why actors are not nominated. We, the fans, we learned that the study did not fight for the prize due to the costs associated with the campaign. Almost all of the public who has seen the film rave reviews. Everyone agrees that the performances are spectacular. Many people have said they have seen this movie several times because of those actions. 
We looked at the cost to advertise in magazines and online as they do the studies to promote the movies. In fact it is very expensive. We want to raise enough money to post 3 ads. We put 2 ads in print and 1 ad on the Internet. We would also like help with shipping DVDs to voters. (Although we have not discussed this with anyone involved with the film yet). 
These ads would call the attention of voters on the film. This would give players a fair chance to be nominated alongside some of the other movies that have the support campaign budgets billionaires. We also believe that the pure nature of what we do draws attention to the cause. 
We need 
We need to bring $ 50,000 to get the word to members of the Academy for all to see the incredible interpretation Kristen. All money raised will go towards this cause. 
Other ways to help 
 Go see the movie and bring all your friends and family! Leave your review at each site you find: Rotten Tomatoes, Flickster, Meta Critic... 
WTTR Oscar Consideration Campaign
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