Veja Magazine( Brazil) Covers Breaking Dawn Filming (Article and Scans)


It’s hard to be a vampire in Rio de Janeiro. The make up is dissolved by hot temperature and the fans do not show the slightest respect for the supernatural being. Remains the dark to hide, or taking the sea to follow or the magical rite of chuarrascaria, especially when everything can be done to reach Edward Cullen the vampire better known in the human world, as Robert Pattinson, British actor and beautiful to death. 

More famous of Count Dracula, an old man completely unknown to the public following the current wave of vampire mania, he spent a week in Rio closely followed by his beloved Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and hundreds of candidates from various parts of Brazil ready to take her place. At the cost of flying from some capital and may not find a place in the hotels exhausted. 

As the entire universe with less than 15 years knows, the pair came here to film some scenes from the film “Breaking Dawn”, the fourth and penultimate chapter in the saga begun by Twilight. The scenes in Rio and Paraty show the couple on their honeymoon and the long-awaited moment for them to take a break and improve their bond, in the end. All the series is about the restraint, a love not affected by sex between two beings of different species and was romance the protagonist, but now something more is expected, from them. 

This was not a problem for Pattinson and Kristen, who have spent the time in Rio well hidden in a suite with two adjoining rooms at the Copacabana Palace or in a house accessible only by boat and checked by two patrol boats. Certainly thay have not spent their time in a school sambae, no way!. In Paraty, they were also in a middle of a typical Brazilian cachaça ( a tropical storm), the kind that would have scared even a vampire fasting. 

The two actors were also very disciplined, they repeated scenes without protests and they not interact with anyone except each other. Among the recordings, they played guitar, and exchanged caresses, smoking. In the heat of Rio, the candor of the supernatural Pattinson took the make-up artists work doubled. And it takes a lot of work to remove and replace the lens with golden brown benevolent vampires who feed with animal blood. 

There was only a little problem to resolve unprogrammed by the script during the waterfall scene with half of the body of the actors submerged: for fear of the torrent, it was necessary two divers to support them. On the whole,they have been twenty minutes under water, assuring down the actors legs. The girl, infattti, had more difficulty in maintaining a balance in water, because it is very slim, said an official of the group “Indomita”, Pablo Rosario, with a certain indifference to the global furor surrounding the owners of those legs. 

Recording night in Lapa it did sweat blood (figuratively, of course) to about 350 fans were used as extra in the set for about 70 reais each, “For God’s sake, stop watching the actors!”, begging the producers with a megaphone without success. The siege has expanded into a handsome young man who replaced Pattinson, Raphael Martinez, 22, a student of industrial design and model: .. “It was worth it not to take the sun and dye his hair had never been so successful with the girls. Now they see me and shout: “Here comes the Vampire!," 

The storm that struck the region during the filming of Paraty has actors and the crew forced to remain in the villa, whethever they could rest. In all, 116 people spent the night in the rented house, distributed among the seven bedrooms (one, of course, reserved for the couple) and other structures, including kitchen. 

The first site chosen for the scenes of couples in the fictional Isle Esme was the home of manager Negrao, a former pilot, in the beautiful Saco de Mananguà. But the housekeeper, Vera, has not wanted to know the mess that they will creat, and a few days before shooting, the production turned to another businessman, Icarus Fernandes, owner of a nearby estate in wood and glass style very chic. Equipped with a private sandy beach, in particular, has been lengthened by a bridge of 30 meters to go directly to the room. Right here Edward and Bella had their first love night . 

Besides the excitement of filming this “earthquake” moment, (and pay for the rental of the place a value with which they probably would buy Transylvania) Fernandes won a precious gift: her daughter Bianca, 15, was able to speak for 30 seconds with Pattinson and Kristen. But White has not allowed to take a picture with them, something forbidden to anyone who was not a vampire. 

The fans in general, share their generous love and adore Bella too, the archetypal of a girl full of adolescent impulses, and pray fervently for her relationship with the vampire exemplary Edward, who does everything to protect his lover. “Me and my friends would want to be like Bella. She is determined, knows what she wants in this life and is lucky to have next to her a guy so passionate, beautiful and devoted as Edward” ,Rafaela Guimaraes, 17 years, student sighs in front of the Copacabana Palace in Rio. The boldness of young adventurous hearts was highlighted by Alessandra Goncalves, 21. She traveled from Campinas (Sao Paulo) to Paraty, where she rented a boat with three friends, and after nearly an hour, they arrived to the Saco Mamanguá. 

She reached only to take photo from a distance, just a glimpse. But seeing the hair color of the girl in the photo, she is quite sure what she photographed Kristen. After leaving Rio, the fictional couple went back to the scenarios of Canada and the United States, will have a daughter, Bella will turn herself into a vampire and the metaphor of a bite from a vampire as an act of extreme eroticism will last for another century. Or at least for another film.

Translation by: PattinsonMoms
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