UPDATE on Bel Ami UK Release Date

From Spunk-Ransom:
Our Elite Affiliate BelAmiMovieUK has been doing some detective work:

Here it is the information we have been waiting for, thanks to UK distributor for confirming the update originally posted via Bel Ami Movie.

UK Bel Ami tentative release date is: August 2011, however please note UK source states” the date has not been fully confirmed, but that the summer is the general time period being looked at.

However, we must stress the date is not confirmed and could change completely” [Optimum Releasing]

On a positive note the UK source also stated “At least the long time period will give us lots of opportunities for content and to build interest for the movie” we at Bel Ami UK are well up for that challenge and hope you will join in the build up to the summer release of Bel Ami.

Bring on 2011 as it would appear it is very likely to be a year for Mr Pattinson to push his boundaries and bring us new and exciting characters that will further expand his acting reputation .

Bel Ami UK & Spunk-Ransom

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