The Twilight Saga Movies Break All Records! Yeah Baby!


There was definitely talk about the possibility of latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows might overthrow The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in the middle of departure or the Twilight Saga New Moon on its opening day but unfortunately did not happen. 

 According to NBC, Potter raised $ 24 million for its opening at midnight, remaining in third in line for midnight releases high after the release of Eclipse ($ 30 million) and New Moon ($ 26.3 million). 

In addition, Box Office Mojo shows that the New Moon still holds the record for opening day ($ 72.7 million), despite the impressive $ 61 million he raised Potter on Friday.

 It is little more than a year after New Moon came to the cinemas and cemented his place in the history of modern cinema. Harry Potter is one of several major films that have been published since then (Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc.), so it's definitely not a fluke. 

Eclipse, setting the new record version number midnight, overthrew one of their own, New Moon, which had broken above the previous record set by The Dark Knight. Should be interesting to see if a movie will be able to cope with these giant achievements by these two films in the future.

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