Twilight Breaking Dawn Set Vandalised *UPDATED*

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn set has been targeted by a group of angry locals in Brazil.
According to Female First, a portable toilet that was used by the film crew was set on fire by protestors, who were annoyed by the disruption shooting had caused.
Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart and co, who are currently filming the fourth installment of the vampire flicks in Rio de Janerio, have apparently outraged residents who have seen their town turned into a movie set.
The locals are said to have taken action by vandalising the toilet, as well as protesting in the streets to show their anger over the Twilight cast being in town.


Guys about the MTV note that the BD set was Vandalised is not true!!! I was there and 1st of all, the fire wasn't inside the set.. and 2nd my friend has pic of it and people didn't put fire on the portable toilet.. people were trying to put fire on the wall to make it look more old... but the portable toilet was near it and caught fire. She have pics of it!!! 
Thanks for clearing this out hun:) mwah

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