Stewing over Rob & Kristen........

Well it has been some time since I've actually written anything. I apologize but you know real life gets in the way but last night I was laying in bed looking at my twitter and I was really disappointed with some things that I was reading. I mean serious hate for Kristen.  I guess I really don't understand where this actually comes from.  She is a person like everyone else and we are entitled to our own opinions but really why make any hateful comments about her. If you don't like her work okay but to spew hate about her because she is with Rob is plain ignorant.  I mean to act like Rob is your boyfriend and that you actually have a chance is really taking the fandom to a whole new level. (Please stop and maybe you need to take a break from the fandom if this is the case.)


C'mon folks, I love Rob as much as well almost as much as Alma,  but I also know he is an actor and a human being that is not Edward. It really blows my mind the actual comments that come out on twitter. The reality(which some of you have a hard time with)  She is with Rob and some are still in DENIAL!! So what if she is with Rob!! I mean she is a fabulous actress that has worked hard to get were she is and I think that she will definitely surprise a lot of people with her up and coming projects.  Sometimes I really hate to write these but when that pic came out with Rob and Kristen at the baby shower, it was like the haters came out of the wood works! Who cares if they are at a party together! What is the drama about? People who date go places together.  

(Oh look it's Tom, Hey Tom I am glad you are clean shaved. It really doesn't suit you like Rob.)

The questions like is it a manip? Did the invite say Rob and Kristen? Why aren't they dressed up? OMG!! Please stop the madness!! Rob and Kristen came together, OMG!! they are sitting together and OMG!!They dress alike!! This really is no new news as far as I am concerned.  Kristen and Rob are always wearing each other's  t-shirts this is not speculation but a fact and who cares! I know I don't! I guess I am just really shocked with all of the drama still centered around the fact that Kristen is with Rob.  Whether you believe they are or not is really not for any of us to judge.  We just know what we see! NO PR is that great! But think if it was !! The reality of the situation is Rio was REAL people!! Whether they shared a room or not! That is not my business! The on and off screen cuddling, the glances, the hand holding, the face picking. I mean seriously they are doing all things that couples do!! I mean I had a real romance with RIO!! Forget that we will not be getting any more of that and that's okay for now as I am sure Rob and Kristen could use some privacy as all couples do. I hope that we see more of Rob and Kristen soon! I sure do love to see them together and happy just like most couples in love! This next 6 months is going to be a wild ride for all of us!! Quit stewing over what if and accept what is! New pics of them filming, the anticipation of Breaking Dawn, the speculations of goings on around the set! 2011 is going to be a great year for Robsten!!


I can feel it! It is going to be a great year for Rob and Kristen separately too for their careers!! A lot of great projects coming out that I know are going to be fantastic and definitely worth seeing.  The hating will not be tolerated on this blog.  We love to see the success of Kristen and Rob and will continue to support their work together and a part as their careers are very independent of each other.

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