Some more Info about the Breaking Dawn Set in Brazil

About the boat the Robsten are using:

The boat that the actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are using to get around Paraty, named Paulina, is registered in the Port Authority in the name of Fernando Alterio, owner of 'Time for Fun'. The vessel is a tribute to the businessman's wife, the designer Paula Raia.

The house where the atros "Twilight" are hosted in the 'saco de manguagua' also belongs to Alterio and will also serve as a location for some scenes of "Breaking Dawn," the new film from the saga being shot in Brazil.

Source: IG

On Tuesday, much has been speculated about the shooting of Breaking Dawn  

in Paraty. According to Brazilian media, the stunt of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart went early to the waterfall Taquari, part is part of the isle Esme scenery, and filmed parts of risk. Then was the Robsten time to shoot the close takes.

By late afternoon, close to 17 h, they headed to the saco de Mamanguá in Paraty-Mirim. For there, they visited the mansion that serves as a backdrop for the film, and possibly they slept there. Today, according to the IG site, they should start shooting in that place, the mansion.

Thanks so much to @FePattz for the 411:) mwha 

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