Singer Christina Perri is a Twilight & Edward Fan


You’re also a big ‘Twilight’ fan, right? 
Yes. I am a full on Twihard. I read all the books in like a month, and I have the book covers framed on my walls. 
I wait in line at the box office to go see the movies to get a good seat. I pre-order the DVDs. I’m totally in love with Edward Cullen. I even wrote a song about him. I’m such a big dork. 
Is that song going to be on your album? 
It actually might be. I really am demoing it right now. It’s hilarious. 
Will you be trying to get on the ‘Breaking Dawn’ soundtrack? 
That has been one of my dreams from day one, especially with signing with Atlantic and them being affiliated [with it]. Everybody on my whole team knows. 

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