Rob and Kristen in HOLA Magazine (Scan) & Article (Argentina)


"The protagonists of the Twilight saga every day seem to be happier together. Or at least it showed on the streets of Rio de Janeiro during a break in the filming of Dawn, U.S. film director Bill Condon. 

Even though the couple seeks to protect the privacy of their romance, the truth is that a few days ago the most famous vampires from the big screen for a moment forgot the onlookers and photographers to live in freedom their relationship. 

Away from the harassment of fans, Robert Pattinson ( 24) and Kristen Stewart (20) stayed at a downtown hotel in the Brazilian city during the ten days of filming. The young actors met while plays Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in Twilight, and since then, little more than two HACC years, not separated anymore. "

THANKS A LOT TO: lasagarobsten!!!

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