Rio Happened!! What to Make of All of This!!

Wow this past week has been so spectacular for us major obsessive Robsten fans!! I mean we went weeks with out anything and then Rio Happened!! I will have to say that our Fandom is much underestimated!! There must be a lot of closeted followers that secretly love Robsten too!! That is okay you are welcome to stalk our page in peace and we don't mind! A big thanks to all of our followers and our newcomers for your much appreciated faithfulness to us!! I am very sorry that I haven't written anything for the blog in a while but this past week events would have over shadowed it any ways. What do we really make of all this? I mean I was very excited to see them on the balcony with their freshly showered hair, and then we see them shooting in the boat and then on the streets in LAPA followed by awesome fan videos and pics. The paparazzi there are seriously some super stealthy ninjas!! 


I mean in the US this would never happen. I remember while they were filming Eclipse there was not even close to this much press.  I am very excited to see all of the production going on and the filming and to see them on the beach!! I mean who isn't that is awesome!! I do have to say that I must go reread Breaking Dawn, its been a while and I need to get caught up.  I don't know about you but the highlight of my week was the behind the scenes.  The looks, the caresses, the laughs, Rob's booty slap and Kristen acting like she was gonna punch that girl!! LMAO for sure!! Who wouldn't love that!! I mean to see Kristen get all girlfriend jealous was very adoring.  I loved it!! I don't care who you are famous or not, when someone touches your man you want to kick their ass!! I am sure Rob loved every minute of it.  I mean after all he fell much harder at first and was not afraid to show it!! Kristen is now coming in to her own with relationship with Rob.  RIO HAPPENED!! 
Don't you love his smile!! Only with Kristen!!

We won't forget! Brazil gave us more than photo shots and mini videos they gave us what Rob and Kristen are like when the cameras aren't rolling.  I loved every minute!! I really don't know how I am going to last a whole year but if Rob and Kristen continue to give us a little bit of the PDA during the process, I am sure that it will be worth the wait!! If you are not a believer now in Robsten than I am sorry for you because believe me Summit would not got to such extremes to be so calculative! The franchise is already a success!! What more do they need!! When there is chemistry there is chemistry and when you look at Rob and Kristen their is no doubt fireworks!! ~Ruby

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