Poll results on what should be Bella's Wedding Dress

Hello my lovelies:) Remember that poll we did a few weeks ago on what dress should Bella wear in Breaking Dawn?? We asked you to send in some pics of dresses you thought would be perfect for Bella and here are the choices that we got in the poll, some modern dresses, some not so modern and then a very simple that i loved but didn't get chosen..
Any ways scroll down for the poll results.

Which Wedding Dress is best for Bella?
A 30%298
B 2%18
C 1%11
D 7%69
E 17%168
F 28%280
None of the Above 15%147
I love all of the them!! 1%11
1,002 votes total

As you can see the winner is dress A, a very modern very elegant dress that i think would look gorgeous on Kristen as Bella Swan:)
Yeah i know that the book goes for a dress more like B or C but hey why cant Bella's dress be a little bit modern right? Its not like the movies have been close to the books at some points right? Well our lovely Karen made this manipulation of Bella in the same dress!!

So what do you think? Do you think that was the best choice for bella?? What do you think of the art work?? Let us know in the comment section below:) Until next poll my loves:)

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