New 'Welcome to the Rileys' Film Review by LeFigaro: "Sensitive, Moving"

James Gandolfini (Doug Riley) and Melissa Leo (Lois) are a couple who can not mourn the disappearance of their daughter. The story tells of the meeting of Doug and Mallory (Kristen Stewart), a  young prostitute.

Ridley Scott's son, signed at 45, his second feature film. 

So far Jake Scott, son of the great Ridley, especially distinguished himself by carrying ads or video clips of rock bands, U2, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Oasis and Massive Attack. 

After a first film and MacLeane Plunkett (1999) came out quietly, he signed at age 45, a second feature film, Welcome to the Rileys , who offers James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano the former series of David Chase) one of the most exciting roles in his career. The story tells how a couple of fifties (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) is unable to recover from the death of their daughter. During a trip to New Orleans, Doug Riley met by chance a young prostitute (Kristen Stewart) who reminds him of his daughter ... " In the beginning, Doug was not to be played by James Gandolfini, Jake Scott reveals, however, with a half smile. For me, Gandolfini has always been Tony Soprano. But I met him and I immediately realized it would be perfect in the role. He has this incredible potential, the force that can be destructive. I remember one day on set, dissatisfied with his performance, he started screaming, rocking stuff and eventually push the wall of a punch. 

At the same time, his gentleness, his kindness, his care for others are obvious when it occurs. His character, Doug, has the same qualities. Doug has great principles. His manners define it. His gentleness and dignity too. "In Welcome to the Rileys, Gandolfini co-starred with Kristen Stewart, the face of the Twilight saga. " He was fascinated by it, says Scott. On the set, James has always been very caring, he always looked after her. "With the critical success of this film, the young director already preparing a thriller filmed in Scotland, Transit, a dark tale of revenge, and a second film based on the book by Jonathan Green, Murder in the Himalayas, located in Tibet. To be continued ... 

Sensitive, moving, just...

During a business trip to New Orleans, Doug Riley (great James Gandolfini), who has yet to mourn the death of his daughter after ten years, meets Mallory (Kirsten Stewart), a stripper in a club in town. The paternal affection he feels for it disrupts his life ... When a grieving father trying to save a girl from the streets. Chronic sensitive, touching and just signed the son of Ridley Scott, Welcome to the Rileys magnifies the unlikely meeting of two hearts and beautiful adrift. 

Welcome to the Rileys, Jake Scott with Drama: James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo. Duration: 1 hour 50.

source / via: @RKDaily 

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