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Good Afternoon Robmaniacs, many read yesterday, a fan got in touch with us to talk about some details of the recordings at Isle Esme’. Well, ‘we were very criticized because Stewart has been criticized in the report and well it turns out we were not ‘us’ we write, but the ‘person’ who was there, and if we bumped we would be changing the report and it would be wrong not? (Of course, nobody likes, anyway we are a fan of Kristen Stewart as well, but each one is individual right?) 

A very things make sense there, but not others, but why criticize? I just wanted you to understand. Below the report will be available again, with the 5 unique pictures that ‘person’ has released to us. Remembering that we do not say who the person on request (per your request and Security). And of course, believe who wants, why we will only know if the reports are true when the movie comes out. Recalling that have Spoilers, Thanks to all! Any questions, please send us a form:) – NRP 

Fan Report: The production was staying in Paraty, both the Brazilian and the American, to go to the island we took a boat out to sea 40 minutes. When I got there in the morning on the island … the place is beautiful the house is all glass, and the decor of the room and the kitchen has red tones too. 

As soon as I arrived I saw Kristen, was sitting on a bench and was smoking, he (Robert) I don’t saw him when I arrived, the production had around 300 people working, the actors were not in the city were in a rented house next to the island, and Rob’s mother was at home too … … .. but they do not set foot in the historical city of Paraty … .. all who worked on the production set was forbidden to take pictures, look at the actors or lean on them … had to be pretty normal, I had to disguise as hell, finally, I saw it the first time around 11:00 am on …. . Kristen was on top of the house shooting scene alone, and he was in the room resting. 

When the two were on the island to record, stayed together all the time in the same room, and the stuntmen in the next room, along with Brazilian actress making india, and the guy who had already left the picture on the internet … it was same. The actor’s name is Sebastian Lemos, the Gustavo in the book. The name of the actress who plays the Kaure india is Virgues Carolina. 

Scenes Recorded: Kitchen Scene – She (Kristen – Bella) see the note Edward left and begins emptying the refrigerator, she recorded this scene about 15 times, was wearing white blouse and panties, (she only has bone, horrible [laughs]) then I discovered this time as she is a boring, every time I was there, she did not look in the face of anyone, just spoke with Rob and the director (Bill Condon), then in the kitchen scene, she brought out everyone’s production of the front of her, she did not want anyone drooling over her, believe it? 

After was recorded the scene with Gustavo and Kaure looking quite shocked to see the two together,then Bella and Edward play chess at home and Edward wins, then they play chess on the beach and Bella wins, it’s then that they kiss on the beach (which has photo on Interntet) after she asks him to pass protector on she, then a scene of two coming up the hill and ohando the sea, the scene after they arrive at the home he takes the bags on the floor and with the other hand in her lap (Laughter) poor Rob, he recorded this scene several times, got tired of both catch her on her lap, and the last scene with Bella on the beach alone at night, looking out to sea with that guy an idiot. (Laughter) The dub it’s prettier than her, but it’s all mixed up too, now dub him (Edward) he only remembers, but does not appear, he is a loving, super nice. 

Neither the stuntmen could take pictures with them, the scene in the waterfall I did not see, I saw the photos on the Internet even, a lot of paparazzi tried to arrive by boat, but the BOPE(special operations battalion) was there armed with submachine guns up! They came running into the sea to take everyone, but anyway …. A lot of security. 

Had a day early in the recording that was greater silence, because it was recording, and I can’t breathe (Laughter), spent a boat with some girls screaming “Edward.”…. he (Robert) started laughing when he heard, he’s beautiful … . … beautiful. 

Very nice, but he did not mix with others, always with two bodyguards near the two, Stephenie Meyer was also there, I sat next to her for an hour, but it would be good, I think she was already tired, and I was impressed as she is new , It seems that 30 years, I thought she was newer. 

I saw her autographing the book of the actress who plays the Kaure india, but I was working I could not. Robsten is real? – They flirt yes, and sure enough, I saw, when they were hoping to change the set, stood on a balcony behind the house, sitting, talking, several baby kisses and kisses, she lay in his lap, and fondle it in her hair, they seem very intimate. But he (Rob) is too skinny too, When I Saw him with white t-shirt I said ‘OOWN’ *-* (Laughter), but it’s beautiful anyway!

Noticas Robert Pattinson
Thank you: Spunk-Ransom

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