Meet Isobel the newest edition to the blog family:)

Hey guys we have a new Robsten Dreams member joining the team:) Meet Isobel shes 14 and from New Zealand. Shes Team Edward (OF COURSE) and she is 100% Robsten Shipper:) 


Well let her tell you a bit about herself:)

I first heard about Twilight when I went to the movies to see another movie...and I got handed a bookmark, that had Edward and Bella on it, and said 'If you could live forever, what could you live for?' The Twilight slogan type thing. I thought: Hmm, okay. I didn't think much of it!
Until I went to school a few days later...and well...Twilight Mania. My awesome friend Kandy chattered of it all day! And so I came to the conclusion that I HAD to see this...It sounded amazing. I actually screamed *Admits* when the ads on TV came on for it..!!

Of course, Team Edward always. I wondered about the other parts of the series, so I decided to read the books. It took me a while..! I loved Breaking Dawn the most because of Renesmee. I have now read it 12 times, I am obsessed! Then I found out Robsten were dating in real life. Well. You can predict what I did. It was amazing! Tee hee. 
I adored Eclipse. Mainly because of Riley. lolz, and I read The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner. 
Her favorite Robsten Pic
Instantly loved Robsten... and how they are magical on screen! Now, I am just unable to wait for Breaking Dawn.

Welcome to our Blog family. I hope like it and cant wait to get to know ya more:) ~alma

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