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On How to Be: My friend Robert Pattinson told me about a movie he was making called “How To Be” and that he was to play a guy who was a bit of a super loser. 
He said the guy wanted to be a singer, but couldn’t really sing, and his girl friend dumps him, and he is just generally a bit lost with his life and doesn’t really know where he’s going. 
I thought it sounded really funny, and a good idea for a song, and being both actors and musicians struggling to achieve a higher degree of success at the time, I think we could both identify a little with the charac­ter. 
I said that I was going to try and write the theme tune for the movie based on what he had told me and I went home and wrote it in a couple of days. I went back to his house and played it to every one and every body really liked it, so I gave Rob a CD to give to the people doing the movie. Unbe known to us though, I think the soundtrack had already been selected and I was too late, so it never made the cut.
I didn’t mind too much because soon after I started to play the song live and it got such a great reaction from the crowd that I just decided to keep it for myself. I always have to tell the story behind it when I play it because peo ple still assume it’s about me! The amusing thing is, looking back at it though and how I felt at the time, I think it probably is semi-autobiographical. 
Listen to ‘How To Be’ here 
On collaborating musically with Rob: 
Yes we have — but only if you count jamming on the piano in his living room! We’ve never done an actual gig together, although he did used to come and watch my shows in London. Rob is a really natural musician, he’s amazing on the piano — although he always claims he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but I think he’s just very modest. 
We have quite differ­ent styles, but that can often produce the best results. Of course if the chance ever presented itself to collaborate I think it would be great, and a lot of fun. Would you guys like to see Rob and I collaborate? 
You can find Lee Mac Dougall on myspace and twitter. Read the full exclu sive interview on Rob­PattzNews

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