Kristen and Rob Name Analysis!

SuzyQSparkles picked up the book 'The Hidden Truth of Your Name: A Complete Guide to First Names and What They Saw About the Real You: The Numerology Project.' in Spanish would be the hidden truth of her name: the complete guide to names and what look on his true self: Numenology Project. " An analysis of the names of Robert and Kristen through the Kabbalah and numerology.


Kabbalistic Synopsis
There is luck, luck and there Kristen! His name is worth a thousand, is the number of good fortune multiplied by itself not once but twice. If Stewart can not win, nobody can. We must say that Kristen deserves all the luck he has, and is an honest woman, with firm principles, which keeps them, no matter what. The material goods does not bring happiness that Kristen looks, she is a woman-centered emotional values imagine your ideal mate. She is very sensual, so your dreams are very interesting!

The interpretation of the Runes
Kristen is a seeker. The mean Runes limitation, restriction, movement, the warrior, integrity, transparency and the trip to his name. Kristen knows she has many mountains to climb. She may have a full life, learning the experience of their feelings and go with them. The wounds of the past are in his soul, but recovers and is integrated so that these negative experiences bloke not on an emotional level.Kristen seems to understand the relationship between body, mind and spirit. Rune'Sowelu' indicates that Kristen will get a level of clarity and productivity.

Numerological interpretation
The figures of this name reveals a woman of many facets of his personality. The most precious thing for Kristen is the welfare of his family. She is a nice person and has a supporting role and devoted mother. But definitely not an easy person. Kristen is very aware of itself. She is active and not afraid to face the challenges that occur or she creates. Kristen enjoys the feeling of personal freedom, but tends not to do anything that undermines the harmony in home. His natural sense of balance will allow you to integrate personal interests with the family. The emotional conflicts can occur if you do not succeed in implementing this management.

(Seth Productions Golden, 1999, p.441)

Kabbalistic SynopsisRobert is very logical. He has studied the world around them from an early age, and is likely to be seen as a budding scientist even before they reach high school. It is purely down-to-earth However, this keeps you from coming across as too remote. In fact, Robert has a great love for comfort and being at home. It would be ideal for a career that requires the ability to think quickly and rationally. Robert was born in one of the earth signs, especially Virgo, is sitting pretty especially with regard to its name, as Taurus is associated not only with matters of the heart, but also with the practical nature of good science. Robert is more than capable of forming emotional bonds, but will take a long time really intimate with anyone.

The interpretation of RunesRobert is happy at the tennis court by his opponent's career. Robert has the attractive features of Rob, with the addition of runes Teiwaz (warrior), Raido (travel), and Ehwaz (movement).Robert can being manipulative, but the channels of these trends in sports are highlighted in them. This same drive, perseverance and ambition can help with business as well. Teiwaz Rune makes him a fierce and ruthless competitor. Raido, Rune of good communication, helps Robert quickly get an overview of the game and made a clear strategy for success. Raido Rune also gives you the ability to think and communicate clearly, and this is reflected in his game. He is Good sales, education, or finance.
The numerological interpretation. This is a very common name numerology containing rare. Both master numbers, eleven twenty-two are present in this name. Few Roberts arrive at the height of this importance, but those who are in full possession power of this name is that your life is set for significant success. This is a person who can command large companies, creating wonderful inventions to the world, political parties lead to success, or be a teacher for a humanity hungry. Most men named Robert is friendly and well intentioned and share the need for family life cercans."(Seth Productions Golden, 1999, p.632)

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