Interview with the Fan that Grabbed Rob on the Breaking Dawn Set in Lapa!


The site Twilightemania interviewed the fan who grabbed (see video here ) to Robert during the filming of Dawn in Lapa. Check out the details of how he managed to be within the set and still catch Rob. 

T: How did you participate in the recording? 

Sandra: Actually I was actually there as any other fan trying to see something when I got there around 23:00 pm, I could not see it. My father even tried to rent a hotel room that was within the set but everything was full! My sister, my friend and I were very sad, was when my father had the idea of going around saying we were going to a restaurant, but had managed to get another network to prevent preventing residents of the street approaching the set! 

Then my father told me I would not see almost anything and gave me the idea of trying to sneak on set and was in the middle of the car and finish do it! 

T: Do you like Twilight? "For how long? 

S: Yes, I'm a big fan! Since the beginning of 2009! 

T: You were drunk as reported in the media? 

S: Of course not! There was free drink, but I only drank water. Also because I am a minor and I am aware. This is all a figment of the media to cover the incompetence of the security guards did not see when you enter. 

T: What led you to take Robert at the time? Did I plan todo or was it an impulse? 

I'd just go for close to Kristen, and I had crossed your mind grasp. I had to go away, it was 2:00 in the morning (I arrived at 00:00) and my father, my sister and my friend were waiting outside and still had class on Monday.

Here are the extras that I had met there helped me to not be perceived, said he should grab it because I was not an extra and not make money. And then the guards would throw me out. I told them I would not have the courage, and last but not least, Rob had it looked bad and expected to recover to start shooting the scene again. When you hear "action", my heart jumped when I saw it, I had the courage to push that was in front of me and hug him!

T: And you said something? 

S: Not really. Just saw him laughing with Kristen.

T: How did you feel? 

 S: No, I don't know how to describe it! It was a very good feeling, despite being so fast. 

T: At how did he smell? 

S: Very fragrant! lol rsrsrs 

T: What is your impression about the actors? 

S: They seemed very nice, especially Rob, because he didn't push me or anything, he returned my hug ♥. 

T: What happened after you grabbed him? 

S: The security guard took me, my camera fell, but I leaned over and picked it up, the shot of my hand erased all the photos I had taken there in Lapa. He asked if I had an identification card and told him no and that I was going. Then he took me to where my father was! 

T: Would you do it again? 

S: Yes, I would. And probably spend more time holding. lol rsrsrs  

T: Have you done anything like this before with another idol?  

S: No, never done anything like that!  

T: What words summarize the time? 

S: "Simply amazing and perfect!"  

T:Leave a message for the producers and one for the fans.  

S: Message to the Producers and Crew and Rob: Sorry to have confused the scene, but I love and could not waste this opportunity to get as close to you! 

Message to fans: When you have that chance, hold on tightly enough and  make it those few seconds last! ♥ ♥! Lol

source / via  / via: lasagarobsten

You hear that, guys? So if you're ever thrown into a situation like this and it's a one-shot thing...make the best of it because it only lasts so long! You have to be bold!

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