EGO: Coverage from Lapa Set in RIO an extra thrown off the set?


Redshirt drunk disrupts romantic scene and is expelled from the set of 'Dawn'

Scenes are being made and remade: "The leadership has not found the right tone for scenes', said one of the filmmakers.

The scenes filmed in Lapa in downtown Rio, are giving a lot of work to produce the film "B-Dawn". In the early hours of Monday, August, a drunken showgirl was expelled by the set of the film production. The helper, who was selected just before the start of the recordings, he interrupted one of the romantic scenes in the movie that featured a musician playing the saxophone.

"She started singing, shouting and clapping. We realized when she was drunk and politely ask her to withdraw the set. The atmosphere backstage is not the best. The direction has not yet found the right tone for scenes. Spent an hour checking with the stuntmen and actors are now doing everything in a different way. The work is tiring and we'll stay here until five in the morning. This is the forecast, "said one of the growers that are working on the set.

The director of "B-Dawn" interrupted another scene to show their dissatisfaction: "I need you to collaborate with our work. We can not keep repeating the same mistake.

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