Edward and Bella Play Chess on the Beach: Reference to the Book?

In the previous post, we show new images of Robert and Kristen filming in Paraty. Well, if you look, many of them can find something that reminds us the cover of the book Breaking Dawn. 


As you know, during their honeymoon, Edward spends much time devising ways to entertain Bella so she will not dwell on other things. Well, it seems that one of those things could be playing chess: 


As you turn, Edward and Bella in two different scenes play chess. In addition, rather than the typical black and white pieces, the elements of this are red and white chess, like those of the book's cover. Is this the way Bill Condon to reflect the cover of Dawn in the movie?

source / via: lasagarobsten

It's definitely a reference to the book cover, just like when Edward caught the apple in Twilight. It's actually a fantastic idea!

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