Cliff Notes of Today's Breaking Dawn Events!! Whoooo Boy there is A lot!!

So today has been a day full of wonderful but yet confusing events I am sure!! So I am going to sum it up for our followers.

This is what we Know:
1.  Filming has officially begun, and it is crazy, please be patient with all of the postings. 
2.   The pics with "Edward" in the blue shirt and "Bella" are very much stand ins.
3.  The pics of Edward in a plaid shirt was definitely Rob and the "Bella" sitting next to him was not Kristen but her stand ins.  At this point we believe that they are doing test shots.
4.  Film Crew has blocked off streets in Lapa to do some taxi shots. (Not sure what this is yet but I am sure we will know more as it develops.) 
5.  If you want to know what Edward and Bella are going to be wearing than look at the stand ins and  I am sure that is a clue to what they will be wearing in the actual shoot.

Please remember that we are posting everything as it comes in.  It is direct from others that are seeing it but they are not on set or anything so everything is here say and plus the knowledge we already know from previous press and the book.

For all pics that were post click here to go to our stick post!! We will be having a running post for all the latest Breaking Dawn information.  Please stay tuned for more exciting news.....

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