CLAIM: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “Busted Romping on a Beach”

Robert Pattinson andKristen Stewart were busted romping on a beach by police,” begins an eyebrow-raising article in the Daily Star.

According to the British tab, “The Twilight megastars were getting down and dirty on Brazil’s trendy Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro when the boys in blue put a stop to their kinky antics.”

Uh, huh…

“The young lovers were getting sexylike any other couple would on the beach at night but police sent them packing with a stern verbal slapping,” says the paper’s so-called “source,” who adds, “It’s obviously hard for them to go anywhere alone… I think they were just trying to grab some romantic time.”

“They were laughing about it afterwards,” says the source, “but they both looked really embarrassed.”

Actually, only the Daily Star should be really embarrassed… by this article.

Notice how the story doesn’t mention any specifics, such as when this allegedly occurred?

That’s because… it never happened.

Nor does the premise even make sense.

If it’s “obviously hard for them to go anywhere alone,” and they were looking to “grab some romantic time,” then why would these two extremely private people opt for a public beachinstead of say, a hotel?

Still, Gossip Cop checked not only with our Pattinson and Stewart sources, but we also made a few very expensive calls to the Policia Civil do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – and they didn’t know about this alleged incident either.

This story is, as they say in Brazil, “nao verdadeiro” (not true).


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