Beaches and Waterfall Locations of Breaking Dawn


RIO - There, on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, there is a place where vampires traveling day, going to the beach and bathe in the waterfall without fear of the sun. 

This is Paraty, a city chosen to set the film in Brazil "Dawn" the fourth film in the world of foot and "Twilight" that dwells in the hearts and minds of children and teenagers everywhere. In fact, thanks to Internet, the audience already knows where they are in Mamanguá (which can only be reached by boat), near Paraty-Mirim, and waterfall in the district Iriri Tacuarí, the BR-101, in the direction of Angra dos Reis, where scenes from the film were recorded. Two scenarios of cinema, a few hours from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. 

Considered the only fjord (narrow and deep gulf between high mountains, common in countries like Norway and New Zealand) in Brazil, no more hiding place on the coast of Rio de la Mamanguá. To get there, is only possible by boat ( usually small boats, up to 10 people). 

Parati-Mirim leaving the boat trip takes, on average, 45 minutes and costs $ 10 per person. Already in Paraty, the road is 1h30m and sells for about $ 20 per person. The rise in prices high season, but you can negotiate directly with the boatmen. 


It is eight miles along the arm of the sea coming into the continent, whose slopes and islands are occupied by a few lodges and manor houses (including one that was used in the film, now in danger of demolition by environmental irregularities) . 

Not so isolated this Tacuarí district, with its many waterfalls. Iriri Among them is (or Iririguaçu, the name of a river), chosen as one of the shooting. Less than 30 km from the center of Paraty, you can reached by bus. 

There are two waterfalls, each with a natural swimming pool, easy access: a single-track 300 meters from km 546 of BR-101. On the other side of the road is the beach Iriri. More information on the site of the City Paraty

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