What Would You Do if Rob Pattinson Asked You Out on a Date? (there's something to this)

Greetings, lovely RobstenDreamers. It's Rosalinda and I would like to share something with you guys. Today,
I was talking to my uncle.

And he jumped to the subject of Robsten/Rob/Twilight.
He asked me something that I have a lot of mixed emotions about. There's an answer to it, but it's hard to explain it in the right way without someone misunderstanding.

Let's just say that my answer to his "hypothetical case" is pretty fragile and can be easily be manipulated.

My uncle and I don't really jump on this subject much because it's a whole different world to him. But today, over Oovoo, he asked me this:

What would you say...if Rob Pattinson asked you out on a date?
What would I say? It depends. His question just seriously got me thinking. What would I say? But what about Kristen? When the hell is this and WHERE the hell is this? So, I asked him if in this hypothetical case, does Rob have anything to do with, involved with, broken up, or yet to meet Kristen Stewart? He said that in this case, Rob doesn't have anything to do with Kristen. So I asked him if in this case, he has yet to meet her. Yes, he said that in this case, Rob has yet to meet Kristen. But, in this case, I know that he's going to meet her like the next day at the Twilight audition.

So, in this case, Rob Pattinson comes up to me and I am dressed very nicely, he doesn't know Kristen Stewart (YET!), and he asks me out on a date. What the hell would I say?

I would say no.
It's because of Kristen.
And it's not because I'm a lesbian.
Because I'm not.
See where my answer can get manipulated?

I told you there was something to this. My uncle looked pretty baffled at my answer. I may certainly be a RobSessed person, but when it comes to Rob and Kristen, I have a completely different outlook on things. I have never been the type to be a jealous person. Ever. I may be intimidated in certain situations but intimidation and jealousy are two different things. I seriously try and try to find some kind of jealousy toward Kristen...but it's just not there. I know, there's probably some weird glitch in my brain. But it's actually kind of nice without that icky feeling. Jealousy must be an ugly feeling.

It's just when I see something as true as the connection between Rob and Kristen (which is obviously very rare to find), I don't want to interfere with it. If it's really true, and something is telling me that it's meant to be, why try and tear it apart?

This is where my faith in Robsten is basically centered around.

When fate steps in, you can't control it.
So, tell me. What would you do in this situation? What if Rob asked you out on a date the day before the Twilight audition and you knew he was going to meet Kristen the next day? You know everything about Kristen in this situation and you know that they would just be a perfect match and your gut is screaming something at you. Would you immediately say yes and completely not think about it because it's freak-hot Rob Pattinson? Or would you nicely say 'No, thank you, I can't' because you know something major is about to enter his life and you don't want to stop it?
Please. I want to hear your thoughts. This is a pretty deep subject for me and really, I think it's a great way to test your Robsten Faith and test how open you are to what your heart is telling you.

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