What is all this Robsten, Krisbian, TwiHard?? WTF?? Terminologies!!

Well its been over a week and I really haven't posted any of my typical stuff but last night I was laying in bed and I realized there is so much vocabulary that encompasses being a Twilight Fan. I mean if you are new to the Twilight Fandom, then you are probably confused with all of the weird vocabulary that encompasses Rob, Kristen and the whole Twilight world. I mean if you read some of the tweets that go inside our little world I think most people are left with the the feeling of ugh!! So I have decided that I will give you a few definitions into our little Twilight/Robsten World. Please read carefully and those of you that are already obsessed like we are then please feel free to chime in with comments and please add to it.

Robsten:  A belief that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a real item in real life!! Yes we believe in their LOVE!
Robward: Its a combination of Robert and Twilight's character Edward.  Hence Robward!! It's when you get confused is it Rob or Edward or is it both so we just say Robward.  
TwiHard: When you are completely and totally a die hard Twilight Fan and so we all call it TwiHard!!
Robsessed:  This is pretty self explanatory.  It is a fan that is completely and ultimately obsessed with Rob. Robsessed!!
Krisbian: Well this one is up for serious debate at the moment. I thought it was a straight girl that has a girl crush on Kristen.  Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear every one's interpretation.
Jaw Porn:  This term is dedicated to Rob and his luscious jaw line.  God Bless his parents for that!! We love them!! When you see a great profile pic of Rob and you see that jaw line it is JAW PORN!! UNF! 
KStew:  Nick name for Kristen Stewart which I use quite often
RPatz: Rob's Nickname (at least this is the clean version of what us ladies call him.)
Fandom:  This is what Twilight has become a bunch of fans and together we are completely obsessed and we all are Fandom! 

I hope I didn't miss any major ones but I sometime feel like I need to share those tiny little thoughts in my head.  It is pretty hilarious when you think of the terminologies that have become of this Fandom!! Love it Own it Cause We Do!! 

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