What I Know About Kristen....

In the past few days we have gotten so much press on Kristen and I can't get enough.  I am sure some of you are in the same boat as I am.  I don't get it!! I will admit a few years ago when I fell in love with Twilight I wasn't sure about her.  She seemed so awkward and quiet and maybe I thought she was a bad actress.  Okay so sue me!?  We are all entitled to our opinions.  The great thing about opinions is they can change. 
 My opinion of Kristen changed over time.  What I know about Kristen is that the projects she chooses to take on are not really for her Fandom but because I think she is very passionate about them.  The more of her films I watch the more I am impressed with the roles that she takes on.  Another thing that I know about Kristen is that she was very young when Twilight was started.  I mean she has really come in to her own.  So many experiences in her life have made her the glorious young lady that she has become and yes I said young. I see that the haters so to speak are being pushed to the way side.  When there is so much love coming in your direction the hate seems to subside and get pushed away.  What I also know about Kristen is she doesn't hate her fans she hates the paparazzi.
 I mean who wouldn't, you can even use the public bathroom without fear of someone trying to take a picture.  It really has gotten a little out of hand. I know that Kristen is coming into her own.  It is almost like she is paralleling Bella's struggles, it is so weird.  I mean Bella has to go through experiences that make her the woman she becomes.  She is awkward, weird and quiet and so was Kristen.  Now she is more confident that I have very seen her!  She commands attention in a room, she is so fabulous (Damn I want her stylist!!) and she is so okay with being different. 

Before it was hard being different and she wore that on her sleeve now she embraces and owns it.  That's what's been so amazing about watching Kristen the last few years. What I know about Kristen is that best part of this whole phenomenon is that her love for Rob radiates through her every being!! God I love it!! I can't get enough of it!! What I know is whatever is happening to Kristen is truly making her such a fabulous, kick ass independent intelligent woman!! Please Kristen whatever it is don't stop!! We love the woman that you are!

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