Twilight/Robsten Universe Terminology Part 1

Hello, Robsten Dreamers! Just the other day, I noticed that Ruby posted a post about Twilight Terminology. This is a subject that I love to talk about so I really wanted to bring it up again.

There's a ton going on in this corner of Twilight and a lot of you would be categorized as a fan under many of these definitions. I know I am. We, the fans, can get pretty creative.

Twilight Terminology ranges from the story itself, all the way to reality which has to do with the stars (Rob and Kristen) and the fans and what they are considered in this fandom. There's a ton of different terms and I can't promise you that I'll get all of them. But I have a pretty accurate list to help you expand your Twilight/Robsten World knowledge and this is only part 1. Here we go:

Twilight Universe: a universe that connects the millions of Twilight fans around the world. It branches off to websites, communication, and the Robsten/Robsessed World. It's one big world of Twilight Fans and it's dangerous.

Twilightology: The study of all things Twilight.

Twilightened: Someone who has just finished the books and has fell into the beautiful world of the story and is awestruck permanently.

Twittilating: that feeling you get when Rob/Edward looks more like a Greek God than anyone has the right to.

TwiGuy: A male who is a very devoted fan to Twilight, likes and has read the books, and is involved with the fandom and is one an official Team.

OCD Obsessive Cullen Disorder: If you have been diagnosed with this, this means that you are absolutely obsessed and the whole other half of your life is about Edward Cullen and Twilight.

Twibrary: Your collection of all the different books, companions, music and movies, book ends, etc.

TwiFic: A story that is written by a fan that has the same characters from Twilight or Robsten, yet creates his/her own story with those characters out of his/her imagination. Fanfiction, to say the least.

Twitten: The magnetic force to the books. It's the unstoppable force that takes over us and gives us the crazy desire to keep reading, just by reading the first book in one sitting.

Twilinguial: one who has the capability to incorporate Twilight terms into everyday conversation.

Twilight Syndrome: this is the most severe case of being a Twilight fan there is. The symptoms include literally having hallucinations, loss of reality, and the utter belief that vampires are real.

Cullenescence: The world of all things Cullen; their stories, what they look like, and their personalities.

New Mooned: this is the feeling you are under along with Bella in New Moon while Edward is gone.

Twilighter: a Twilight fan who blogs and supports Stephenie Meyer in all her work.

TwiFan: a simple Twilight fan.

TwiHard: a severe Twilight fan. One who has tons of knowledge more than any of his/her other Twilight friends.

TwiDreams: dreams of anything having to do with Twilight, whether it'd be Robsten, Forks, or the Cullens, or just Edward or Bella or Renesmee, it's a Twilight dream.

Team Edward: If you have placed yourself on this team, then you are either superficially involved (as in, you're only Team Edward because Rob looks hot when he's shirtless), or you absolutely love Edward for who he is inside and out and truly believe in the fact that he belongs with Bella and vice versa. Or both. Usually, the people on this team are very mature, though. There are TwiGuys who are also part of this team. The reasons they may be on this team are either because they are humble-minded and really look up to how Edward handles himself and hope to have a similar personality someday, or they go for the fact that Edward had Bella first so he has "dibs."

Team Jacob: If you have placed yourself on this team, then you are either on it for superficial reasons (only because you think Jacob is hot shirtless), or you really think Jacob is awesome and fun to be around and you love Jacob and Bella's relationship. Or, you're either on it because you are a young Twilight fan and Jacob is more kidlike. Sometimes, even middle-aged women are on this team which is kind of scary. Usually, the people on this team are very immature in both good ways and bad ways. This team also can include TwiGuys. The reasons that they might be on this team are either because they are intimidated by Edward because he is more mature and noble than Jacob so they go for Jacob, or because they just like the wolves.

Team Swizerland: This is basically also the definition for Team Bella. It is sometimes, and it isn't other times. If you have placed yourself on this team, then you are veering away from the stupidity of the love triangle and just want to be neutral and be in peace. You believe that it's Bella's right decision and whatever is meant to happen in the story, that's the way it happens. You like to look at things from different outlooks.

Alright, Dreamers. That's Part 1. I'll cover Part 2 tomorrow. There are a bunch of other terms that I know. Tell me what you think in the comment box, please!

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