Twilight - A movie soundtrack that made the movie!


Whether you love or hate the vampire trend, or whether you want to date or kill Robert Pattinson, the soundtrack to his blockbuster is pretty good. I’ll admit I am a fan (I know it isn’t Oscar worthy, but if you put aside pretentiousness you’ll enjoy the movie for what it is… fluff) and the soundtrack just made me enjoy the movie more.   With obvious choices like Paramore and Muse, it is also sprinkled with The Black Ghosts, Mute Math, Iron & Wine and even everyone’s favorite bouffant haired, brooding vampire Robert Pattinson. Again, love him or hate him… the song is actually pretty and though his diction is atrocious, his voice is emotive and extremely effective if seduction is the goal. 

Read the full list at the culturemob!

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