..Top 10 Halloween Costumes.

Unlike the last two years, a dead celebrity is not the most popular Halloween costume.

Michael Jackson took the top spot last year, fueled by a somewhat sick fascination the public has with fallen celebrities. In 2008, Heath Ledger played the creepy psychopath “The Joker” in that year’s blockbuster movie, The Dark Knight. Ledger unexpectedly died before the movie was released.

This year, a more pleasant cast of characters are the most popular.

Characters in blockbuster movies are the most popular Halloween costumes. This year is no different. Perhaps kids have found that if you go as an popular movie character, you’ll collect more candy.

Characters in Toy Story 3, Avatar, Iron Man 2 and Twilight are on the Examiner Top 10 Halloween costumes of 2010.

10 Pirates. This costumes is popular year after year, with kids and adults alike.

9 Lady Bugs and Bumblebees. The Spirit Halloween store in Noland Fashion Square has sold many of these costumes for the ladies, according to a sales associate. Like pirates, these costumes are popular every year.

8 Mischievous Mad Hatter. The costumes is based on the character played by Johnny Depp in the Tim Burton’s motion picture “Alice in Wonderland.” The costume is available for all ages.

7 Reaganstein latex mask. It’s one of the top masks this year, a mixture of Ronald Reagan and Frankenstein. Lovely visual.

6 Super Mario. Nintendo’s favorite character is a favorite for boys age 6 and older.

5 Twilight Bite Teen. What? Did you think this list would be void of vampires? Hardly. The Twilight saga is immensely popular,especially among tweens..

4 Michael Jackson. The self-described “King of Pop” is still popular, according to inquires and sales from Spirit Halloween stores.

3 Avatar’s Neytiri and Jake Skully. Including a jacket with attached shirt, tail and mask, this costume is more popular with teens and young adults.

2 Iron Man. Tony Stark can do no wrong. He is indestructible. Young boys want to be like him and dressing up in his costume, which is a bit less mechanical than the film’s.

1 Jessie, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. The Toy Story 3 characters are hard to find in area Halloween stores. The Spirit Halloween was sold out of the Jessie costumes earlier this week and parents are struggling to find them anywhere at Kansas City area stores.

The popularity can be traced to the a 3D computer-animated film that made more than $1 billion worldwide since being released in June.


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