Robsten, Do You Need Anymore Proof??!!

Do you ever ask yourself why am I so obsessed with Robsten? Why do I get that feeling of excitement  you know the type where you have to take a deep breathe, it's that intense?  That feeling like you know, you've been there and it's AMAZING!  For some of you that feeling has not happened yet, and if that's the case hold on because your in for a ride!! It is the most amazing part of life!! The true gift that life has to offer, LOVE with another person, that connection that you only have with that one person.  No one can take that from you.  It's a connection that can't be made up.  It's a connection that when you meet that person you just become utterly infatuated with being around them.  You don't know why.  For some it is instant feeling of passion, lust, and hopelessness of the unknown.  It is scary and suspenseful at the same time!  When that connection is made it develops and goes through different stages. It truly is intoxicating in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, need I say more.

  I think in Rob and Kristen's case it's really the first time that I can remember such a young Hollywood couple going through the stages of intoxication on and off camera.  I mean we are connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week through technology.  For all of those who have experienced this type of love for the first time , we all knew it was a matter of time with Rob and Kristen. The chemistry, the glances, the body language and the ON SCREEN HEAT!! Maybe it was a little premature when the Robsten obsession came out but it is not NOW!  

For Rob, I believe, I don't know but it was right away, he knew from the moment he met Kristen but gave her time.  For Kristen she is more reserved with sharing her emotions, ESPECIALLY in the public eye.  I mean I feel for her, she is young and to feel something like what I described and to go through it in the public eye.  That would be difficult.  If you have been there and felt that intoxicating, suspenseful, and overwhelming sense of love for the first time you will know that it is sooo AMAZING!! It would be very hard to keep that from the public eye knowing how much they are in love with each other.  I think that would be the most difficult part of this off screen love.  When you love someone and are passionate for them you want the world to know but in their case they can't share it with the world because the world is intoxicated with their relationship. Its never ending with the paparazzi. 

I hate to say it but I know that I am always waiting for the next pic of seeing them together.  It is really the only thing that Rob and Kristen have together, is their private life.  Whether they spend time with family, or friends it is their right to remain silent.  We all know they are together! We all love that they are together!! I hate to say it but we can't get enough of it!! It is not staged, it is not fake!! It is real, and when this fandom dies down and it will they will still be together and I am sure they will be happier about that.  Rob and Kristen are a real couple and the denial of that brings me to laughter!  I would hope that anyone who reads this would understand that a real couple spends time together not all dolled up for PR.  That a real couple makes friends with each other's friends and spend time together.  That a real couple doesn't have to live up to other's expectations but their own.  I hope that they never come out and say that they are a couple.  REAL Couples only have to live up to each other's expectations not yours or mine or Summit, or the Fandom, or the haters.  

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