Robsten 101: You can enroll now at California State College

According to Amy Andrews from Irish Central, “Twillight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have become the new subject of a woman's studies course at California State University (CSU). Their world famous “Twilight” characters Bella and Edward will be analyzed by students in the woman's study course at CSU.

The class will examine relationship, race, sex, gender issues and more as they explore the relationship between Bella and Edward. According to students there is a lot more to this famous “Twilight” relationship than meets the eye. One student in CSU thinks that Edward is a very abusive and dominant character. I hope he isnt like that in real life for Kristen's sake! (Oh please obviously this person does not read or follow any projects of Rob and Kristen and has never read all of the books in its entirity.  I really hate to hear that assumption about Edward as a character.)

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