Robert Pattinson NOT obsessive of Kristen Stewart. More lies about Rob & Kristen

Robert Pattinson is not obsessive of Kristen Stewart. It was reported by a trash tabloid website called Entertainment Wise that Robert Pattinson was acting crazy around Kristen Stewart and her friends. These accusations are not backed up with facts at all.

Entertainment Wise uses an unnamed source to spread lies about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. We are here to tell you that everything they said in their article is baseless and un-factual.

Using an unnamed source to spread lies about people like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is disgusting.

Entertainment Wise claims that this unnamed source observed Rob and Kristen eating dinner with a bunch friends and from his observations he concluded that Robert Pattinson is obsessive about Kristen Stewart.

Please, this story couldn’t be anymore transparent. It is such a lie it is not even funny.

What regular person wouldn’t want to be named in the story as the source of the information and quotes? I could see if it was a friend of Rob and Kristen’s but they claim this was just a normal person who observed their behavior. Given that fact it is obvious that Entertainment Wise is just lying through their teeth on this one.

This is part of a bigger problem. The tabloids just won’t leave Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart alone. The time has come for the tabloids to move on to their next target. But, until they do we will be here to counteract their lies by giving perspective on each and every trash story they write.
OMG i TRULY HATE that's right HATE Tabloids that continue to make up lies about Robsten just for a quick buck!
This is way Rob and Kristen don't say anything about their relationship and i don't bame them.
With all the lies that they have made up Rob and Kristen have been engaged many times, having babies and breaking up.
Just leave Robsten alone and go and make up some other story on someone else!

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