POLL: Whose Hair Do You Want to Touch More, Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson?

Justin Bieber told the Daily Mirror that with Robert Pattinson as his wingman, the two would be dating superstars. Apparently this is something they’ve even discussed (I can totally see RPattz letting his sly British humor out in THIS conversation) this scenario because Bieber says they’ve got a pickup line ready to go. Pattinson told Bieber that his hair is a great “ice-breaker,” and we all know that Bieber’s hair is his most famous attribute. So the pair of them think they will walk up to girls and say “Do you wanna touch our hair?” Bieber is clearly joking about this, but I actually think it would work. As an older woman, if Robert Pattinson asked me if I wanted to touch his hair, I would be all over that so fast it might just blow his hair right off. I’m sure younger girls feel the same away about Bieber’s luscious locks. Take our poll and let us know which guy’s hair you’d rather touch!

Whose Hair Would You Rather Touch?

OMG really a question?? DUH!!!

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