Please Read: Robsten VS. Nonsten is Nonsense!!

Although I am new to RobstenDreams, I am not new to the Robsten Fandom.  In the past week I have been very dissappointed with the most prominant Rob/Kristen blogs shutting down due to the hate and negativity.  I am personally very sad about this as I am sure many of you are.  I wanted to comment on a few things.  First of all RobstenDreams is not planning on going anywhere!  We are very committed to Rob and Kristen!! That doesn't mean that we are going to tolerate any hate on this blog.  What I really don't understand is if you are reading this and do not like Rob or do not like Kristen than this is the type of Fandom that does not fit you.  This blog is dedicated to Rob and Kristen!! Together and Apart!! If that is something that you do not agree with than please move on.  I suspect that everyone is educated enough to know that if you post negative comments on here that it will be deleted.  You have to type our name into your URL to visit us.  We are not seeking you out!  Please do not seek your hate on us!! I am sure that I speak for many of us fellow Robsten, Kristen and Rob blogs.  We do this because we love it, not to seek out haters and to breed hate.  In conclusion, I would like to say that we love our followers and the other affiliates that share the love of Robsten, Rob and Kristen!! That is why we spend hours on the blog and twitter to make sure that we all keep each other updated with the latest news and because we all have the same love for this Fandom!!

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